DL Chemicals occupies a leading position among silicone and sealant manufacturers. DL Chemicals directs itself exclusively to the professional market and manufactures only products of a high and constant quality.


DL Chemicals offers a complete range of sealants, MS-polymers and hybrid sealants, acrylic and PU sealants as well as PU-foams and adhesives.
DL Chemicals furthermore offers an extensive range of auxiliary products such as sealing strips, cleaners, primers, roof protection and coating products, hydrofuges and guns for silicone cartridges.


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3-11-2016  - Christmas holidays

DL Chemicals will be closed from the 24th of December 2016 untill the 9th of January 2017. Please pass your orders in time.

We wish everyone happy holidays!

13-9-2016  - Food certificate for silicone sealants
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Parasilico Santair-N, Premium and E/95 and Detasil Construct have obtained the InS - P1 certificate. This certificate guarantees that these products are acceptable for use as a silicone sealant intended for food contact during processing, transporting or containing food products.
1-9-2016  - Parabond Panel & Decoration back in the range!
PB Panel & deco

The universal glue for all vertical full surface bonding is back. With this adhesive based on MS hybrid polymers you can glue about any material against any surface.

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